• Graduation Video

    2013-14 was an academic year of outstanding achievement for the College of Arts & Sciences. View story.
  • Bezos I-LABS

    Bezos Family Foundation leads $30 million campaign to further research by UW I-LABS. View Story.
  • Dean's Medalist

    Soon after arriving at the UW at 15, Reid Dale thrived in graduate-level courses View Story.
  • Spanish

    Joy Maa, fluent in four languages, says foreign language study aids self-discovery. Learn more.
  • Valerie Curtis-Newton

    A look at what inspires School of Drama professor and Genius Award Nominee. View Story


News and Media Coverage

Babies want to speak as early as 7 months
New UW research suggests talking to babies stimulates their brain well before they utter their first words. Learn more at CNN.
Hamas and Israel step up cyber battle for hearts and minds
The latest surge in fighting between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip has seen both sides revive an intense social media battle. Philip Howard, professor of communication, comments. Learn more at BBC.

From the Current Issue of Perspectives Newsletter

Jueqian Fang

In the U.S., an Artistic Awakening
Jueqian Fang studied science in China but discovered a passion for art at the UW. Read Story

Reid Dale

Brilliant at Any Age
Soon after arriving at the UW at 15, Reid Dale thrived in graduate-level courses. Read Story

Kathleen Noll

A Mind for the Medieval
Kathleen Noll, a scholar of medieval history, wrote a second honors thesis "mostly just for fun." Read Story

Joy Maa

An Ambassdaor for Language Learning
Learning another language is discovering another avenue for self-expression," says Joy Maa , who is fluent in four languages. Read Story