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We are an interdisciplinary group of scientists, designers, planners, teachers and students working to understand plants and the role they play in natural and human environments. The University of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region provide unique, exciting and diverse opportunities for exploring many aspects of plants and their environment.

Faculty members from five colleges pursue research, teaching and community projects in areas ranging from basic aspects of plant biology, such as molecular and cellular biology, ecology, physiology, development and evolution, to more applied aspects of plant biology, such as phytoremediation, wetland restoration, sustainable forestry and urban horticulture.

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A background in plant biology is an excellent credential for a wide range of career options, including domestic and international opportunities in business, research and teaching in both governmental and private sectors. Plant biologists can work in the field, in the forest, in the laboratory, in botanical gardens or nurseries, in food or seed companies, or in pharmaceutical, energy or chemical industries, and pursue rewarding careers in the areas of biotechnology, environmental protection, farming, agribusiness, design and planning. The program is also an excellent background for students wishing to enter graduate or other professional schools, including medicine, law, journalism, landscape architecture or urban planning.

WTU Image Collection: Plants of Washington

Washington State contains a diverse array of landscapes, from lush coastal rainforests to dry sagebrush plains, high alpine meadows and much more in between. Across these landscapes an equally diverse array of plants can be found; by our estimate Washington contains within its borders nearly 3,200 species of vascular plants divided among some 860 genera and 146 families.

WTU's Plants of Washington Image Collection presents 12237 photographs for 2011 of those species.

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Plants of Washington

The Plants of Washington Image Collection is hosted by the Burke Museum.

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