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In this Issue - October 2012

Robert Stacey

A Tradition of Engaged Citizenship

Interim Dean Robert Stacey discusses the College's many ties to the 2012 election—from election-related projects to alumni running for office—and the role of the liberal arts in preparing students to become engaged citizens.
Ilona Idlis jotting notes

A Unique "Eye" on the Election

UW Election Eye 2012, a blog created in partnership with The Seattle Times, has captured this election year through
the eyes and ears of students and faculty in the Department of Communication.
Living Voters Guide logo

A Resource for Discussion, Civic and Civil

As Washington voters consider numerous hot button issues this election season, many are turning to the Living Voters Guide, an interactive online resource developed by UW students and faculty in conjunction with Seattle CityClub.
Immigration rally

Latino Voters and the 2012 Election

The number of Latino voters in the U.S. has been growing steadily over the past two decades. Professor Matt Barreto, an expert on Latino politics, shares his insights on Latino voters' influence in the upcoming election.
George Lovell (right) and Andrew Hedden

Two Decades of Bridges

The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, established two decades ago through the generosity of hundreds of labor union members, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on November 16-17 with a conference and banquet.


Tea Party rally

The Tea Party, Still Brewing

Professor Christopher Parker, whose book about the rise of the Tea Party will be published in 2013, shares his thoughts on the Tea Party's popularity and its similarities to past conservative political movements in the U.S.
Anthony Greenwald

Race Bias in the Presidential Election

A 2012 online survey of eligible voters, developed by Professor Anthony Greenwald, suggests that race bias may have substantial impact on some voters' presidential candidate preference.

Awards, Honors, and Professorships

Frank Turecek receiving award

Advancing Science and Improving Lives Through Mass Spectrometry

Chemistry professor Frank Turecek, whose work in mass spectrometry has led to advances in his field and better detection of several rare diseases in newborns, recently received a distinguished Thomson Medal Award.
Mark Zirpel

From the Studio to the Smithsonian

Professor and glass artist Mark Zirpel will leave the studio to immerse himself in the Smithsonian Institution's collections during a two-month research fellowship that—like his own workbridges art and science.
Other Awards, Honors, and Professorships. News of recent awards, honors, and professorships throughout the College of Arts and Sciences.

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