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In this Issue - January 2013

CineMedia class

Filmmaking Pilot Program Embraces the Liberal Arts

CineMedia, the College's pilot program for future filmmakers, is in its second year and showing promise. But whether this interdisciplinary program is feasible on a larger scale is still an open question.
Charlotte Cote and Daniel Hart, hosts of Voices of the First Peoples

UWTV Celebrates Independent Film

To see independent films not destined for the multiplex, check out two UWTV programs hosted by A&S faculty. Backstory airs films with a Northwest connection; Voices of the First Peoples features Native American filmmakers.
movie reel

The Flick List: Recommended Viewing

Looking for a movie to rent this weekend? Perspectives asked A&S alumni, faculty, and students featured in this special film issue to share their favorite flicks. Here are their gloriously subjective suggestions. Happy viewing!
UW Film Club co-presidents Jacob Lichty and Jordan Augustine

Film Buffs, Join the Club

The student-run UW Film Club, described by one of its co-directors as "sort of a support group for film addicts," hosts film screenings, student film competitions, screenwriting workshops, and more.

Alumni in Film

Peter Chiarelli

Peter Chiarelli: From Producer to Screenwriter

Peter Chiarelli spent years as a film producer working on Amityville Horror, Eagle Eye, and other projects before trying his hand at screenwriting. His 2009 romantic comedy, The Proposal, starred Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
Lynn Shelton

Lynn Shelton: Passionate About Filmmaking—
and the Northwest

Northwest filmmaker Lynn Shelton's latest effort, Touchy Feely, just premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Shelton's previous projects include the critically acclaimed independent films Your Sister's Sister and Humpday.
Teresea Cheng

Behind the Scenes in Film

What does it take to make it in the film business? Hear from A&S alumni, from a DreamWorks executive helping to establish an Oriental DreamWorks team in Shanghai to a young filmmaker using Kickstarter to help fund his first feature.


partial cover of book Ferocious Reality

A Love/Hate Relationship with Documentary Films

Filmmaker Werner Herzog is a vocal critic of the documentary film genre, yet nearly half of his films can be categorized as documentaries. That love/hate relationship is the focus of Ferocious Reality, a new book by UW Professor Eric Ames.

Awards, Honors, and Professorships

UW sophomore medalist Emily Nitz-Ritter A Grammy nominee, AAAS inductees, and sophomore and junior medalists are among those who have recently been recognized for their accomplishments. Learn more about recent awards, honors, and professorships throughout the College.

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