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Mad Campus Outdoor Art

The free outdoor MadArt exhibit on the UW campus lets children climb on, walk through or lie under many of the pieces- and even add to one of them. Learn more at Seattle's Child.

Giant cowboy invades UW!

If you happen to see a 28-foot cowboy looming over the campus at the University of Washington, never fear. He's a big softy! The "Lone Stranger" is the largest of 12 works that make up Mad Campus. Learn more at Evening Magazine.

What's That By the Side of the Road? UW Becomes Mad Campus

A review of the campus-wide exhibit, Mad Campus, September 13-October 25. Learn more at The Stranger.

'Mad Campus': Art here, there, everywhere

The University of Washington is being transformed into a vast art gallery for a six-week campuswide exhibition called "Mad Campus." Learn more at UW Today.

Ferguson's plan to cut back on court fees could inspire change

Alexes Harris, an associate professor of sociology, talks about the layers of court costs that can complicate legal proceedings for the poor. Learn more at NPR.

Latinos threatening to sit out elections because of Pres. Obama's about-face on immigration reform

Some Latino Democrats, saying they are fed up with President Barack Obama's broken promises on immigration reform, are threatening to sit out the midterm elections. Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, is quoted. Learn more at Fox News Latino .

Hungary's crackdown on the press

In an op-ed piece, Philip Howard, professor of communication, looks at Hungary's "autocratic crackdown on the nation's press." Learn more at New York Times .

Faculty Profile: Scott Magelssen

Scott Magelssen, associate professor of drama, has had more lives than an accident-prone cat.He has experienced all these and more through interactive simulations, which he shares in his book Simming, which was published in June. Learn more at Columns.

Study: Over 1 in 5 low-income Texans lack eligible voter ID

Over one-in-five eligible Texas voters who make $20,000 a year or less do not have a current photo ID that would be accepted under the current voter ID law. Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, is quoted. Learn more at NBC News .

At UW, computer games studied as a serious cultural form

The Critical Gaming Project was founded by a group of UW graduate students in English, sociology and information science who were interested in thinking critically about games from humanistic and social perspectives. Learn more at Seattle Times.





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