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Babies want to speak as early as 7 months

New UW research suggests talking to babies stimulates their brain well before they utter their first words. Learn more at CNN.

Hamas and Israel step up cyber battle for hearts and minds

The latest surge in fighting between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip has seen both sides revive an intense social media battle. Philip Howard, professor of communication, comments. Learn more at BBC.

When the boss says, 'Don't tell your coworkers how much you get paid'

As a barista and a paralegal, the story was the same: Employers did not want their employees talking about their pay. Jake Rosenfeld, a UW associate professor of sociology, is studying the relationship between pay secrecy and wage discrimination. Learn more at The Atlantic.

How babies learn their first words

A University of Washington study published today gives clues about how talking to babies from an early age helps them say their first words. Learn more at KUOW.

No gadgets required: Parents talking aids baby brain growth

UW researchers are offering information through free online 20-minute classes that explain baby brain development and what to do with that knowledge. Learn more at The Seattle Times.

1-man-show tells story of Gordon Hirabayashi

"Hold These Truths" is a new play inspired by the true story of University of Washington student Gordon Hirabayashi as he fought the U.S. government's forcible and unconstitutional removal and incarceration. Learn more at Northwest Asian Weekly.

How a summer research program revived one student's interest in science

Last summer, Justin Thompson was one of the first veterans to take part in the Research Experience for Veterans - University Projects (REV-UP) program in Seattle. The program reignited his interest in pursuing graduate work, Thompson said. Learn more at CSNE.

The 12 most Popular free online courses for professionals

Based on data from online education platform Coursera, Business Insider compiled a list of the 12 most popular, free online classes for working professionals. UW Introduction to Public Speaking is listed at number nine. Learn more at Seattle PI.

Students come from South Asia to study journalism in Seattle

Twenty journalism students from Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka arrived in Seattle to study topics related to journalism and the media. Learn more at Northwest Asian Weekly.

Send Gordon Hirabayashi to the National Statuary Hall

Seattle Times columnist Jonathan Martin proposes making Gordon Hirabayashi part of Washington state's delegation in the National Statuary Hall. Tetsu Kashima, professor of American ethnic studies, is one of the people who proposed Hirabayashi. Learn more at The Seattle Times.





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