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UW researchers helping region get ready for the next Big One

On the 315th anniversary of a massive earthquake off the coast of Washington and Oregon, UW scientists are helping prepare the region for a repeat event that could come at any time. Learn more at UW Today.

Seattle Actors Travel To A Country Where Art Is Dangerous

When Seattle theater troupe, The Seagull Project, comprised of School of Drama faculty and alumni make the long journey to Tashkent, Uzbekistan last spring, the artists had no idea what was in store for them. Learn more at KUOW.

San Juan pot farmers face fear, loathing and property values

In San Juan County, where 68 percent of residents voted to approve legalized recreational marijuana, conflicts are cropping up over legal marijuana-grow operations. Michael Blake, professor of philosophy, is quoted. Learn more at Seattle Times .

UW Center for Philosophy for Children to host High School Ethics Bowl Jan. 31

The University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children will host the 2015 Washington State High School Ethics Bowl on campus Saturday, January 31. Learn more at UW Today.

John Wilkerson's Legislative Explorer honored

The online Legislative Explorer, the big-data policy project by John Wilkerson and Nicholas Stramp of the UW political science department, has been named an award of excellence winner in interactive design by Communication Arts. Learn more at UW Today.

Washington state senators target campaign 'dark money'

KUOW talks with Mark Smith, professor of political science, about "dark money" and how that fits into campaign financing. Learn more at KUOW .

The Role Of Public Sector Unions In The U.S.

This episode of Speakers Forum presents a debate focused precisely on the role public sector unions play in the overall health or weakness of the labor movement. Learn more at KUOW .

Historical significance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy

Alexes Harris, associate professor of sociology, shares the historical significance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy. She also discusses his message in the context of recent protests in Ferguson, New York and around the country. Learn more at KING 5.

Global campuses can be a tool in public diplomacy

In a Room for Debate piece, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, visiting scholar in the Jackson School, writes that "global universities have assisted in the spread of American higher education values around the world." Learn more at New York Times .

The coming of the Great War, set to music

KUOW's Speakers Forum provides audio from the debut event to open the series "Music from the War to End All Wars," planned by Robin McCabe, professor of piano. A talk by Robert Stacey, dean of arts and sciences, is featured. Learn more at KUOW .





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