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Cause of global warming hiatus found deep in the Atlantic Ocean

New research from the University of Washington examines the surprisingly little increase in the average temperature at the Earth's surface, and shows that it is part of a naturally occurring cycle. Learn more at UW Today.

UW project becomes a focal point in hunt for dark matter

Three major experiments aimed at detecting elusive dark matter particles believed to make up most of the matter in the universe have gotten a financial shot in the arm. Two of the projects are at large national laboratories; the other is at the University of Washington. Learn more at UW Today.

How Microsoft money is driving Washington's gun background check debate

It looks like you're trying to add gun controls. Can Microsoft help? Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, is quoted. Learn more at the Washington Post .

Competing gun initiatives already drawing big donations

Money is already pouring into campaigns for two gun-related state ballot measures in advance of the November election. Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, is quoted. Learn more at Seattle Times.

Study: Virginity pledges for men can lead to sexual confusion

Sarah Diefendorf, a sociology graduate student, studied a group of 15 young evangelical Christian men. She learned that support groups were key in helping the men during their pre-marital years. But once married, they faced trouble. Learn more at UW Today.

Unraveling the past, present and future of SLU, Seattle

KUOW enlists the help of UW historian Margaret O'Mara to discover what's behind one of Seattle's fastest growing neighborhoods. Learn more at KUOW.

Roundtable: The past and present of "yellowface"

NPR's CodeSwitch blog picked the brains of three people who have focused on depictions of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in the media to look at "yellowface" casting. LeiLani Nishime, assistant professor of communication, was one of the experts. Learn more at NPR.

Rebuilding part of the Large Hadron Collider - with Legos

UW physics students build their own version of the Atlas particle detector, only much smaller - and using Legos. Learn more at UW Today.

'Hold These Truths': Absorbing account of civil disobedience

A review of Jeanne Sakata's one-man play about UW Alumni Gordon Hirabayashi, a Seattle native who defied internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. Learn more at Seattle Times.

Exploring the link between unemployment and crime

Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson talks to Robert Crutchfield, a professor of sociology at UW, and author of the book, "Get a Job: Labor Markets, Economic Opportunity, and Crime" about the increasing stratification of the labor market, and the connections between unemployment and crime. Learn more at





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