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Science of strangers: Military research could boost cops' people skills

Two self-described "philosopher cops" from the West Coast are leaders of an effort to train police and military in better social interactions with citizens and civilians. One of the "philosopher cops" is Jonathon Wender, lecturer in sociology. Learn more at NBC News .

Minority representation gaps, by the numbers

A guest piece by Tyler Reny, a PhD student in political science, and a co-author look at minority representation in state and local legislatures. Learn more at Washington Post .

Traditional, tea party conservatives seem split on foreign policy

Foreign policy looms large as the 2014 midterm elections approach. But traditional conservatives and their tea party counterparts may bring different concerns and motivations to the November ballot, according to a University of Washington political scientist. Learn more at UW Today.

Latinos, angry with Obama, may sit out midterm vote, hurting Democrats

Latino voting tends to drop in midterm elections, and that may prove all the more so next month, given deep frustration with the president. Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, is quoted. Learn more at Los Angeles Times .

'Mad Campus' exhibit at UW full of surprises

The 'Seattle Sketcher' captures the Mad Campus exhibit at the UW Seattle Campus, which is up through Oct. 25. Learn more at Seattle Times.

$16M for UW foreign-language students, programs

The UW has received a $16 million grant to offer scholarships to students studying less-commonly taught foreign languages. Learn more at Seattle Times .

What's next for Seattle megachurch?

KUOW talks with Jim Wellman, associate professor of American religion, about Mark Driscoll's resignation and what it could mean for the future of Mars Hill Church. Learn more at KUOW.

Life Reimagined tackles relationships at any age

"New Day" talks with Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology and AARP's "Love and Relationship Ambassador." Learn more at KING 5.

Can you pick out the Northwest accent?

Think we don't have an accent here in the Pacific Northwest? Think again. Scientists say we do, in fact, have an accent, though our native ears may not always pick up on it. Learn more at KPLU.

Orphanage care linked to thinner brain tissue in regions related to ADHD

A paper published this month in Biological Psychiatry shows that children who spent their early years in overcrowded institutions with minimal human contact have thinner brain tissue in cortical areas that correspond to impulse control and attention. Learn more at UW Today.





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