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Latino candidates still struggle in redrawn 15th District

Since the 15th Legislative District was redrawn it doesn't appear a Latino, much less a Democrat, has a chance of being elected to the Legislature there in the near future. Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, is quoted. Learn more at Yakima Herald-Republic Weekly News .

Professor Matt Barreto says politicos are missing the boat

Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, and a co-author do a reality check on assumptions about Latino voters in their new book, "Latino America: How America's Most Dynamic Population Is Poised To Transform The Politics Of The Nation." Learn more at NBC News .

Mad Campus Brings Large-Scale Art to University of Washington's Grounds

MadArt creates a spectacle with a dozen art installations on campus through October 25. Learn more at Seattle Met.

Gun control backers put millions behind background check measure

In the state of Washington the National Rifle Association is up against some of the deepest pockets in the world. Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science, is quoted. Learn more at Fox News & Business.

Borders collapse in voices of young poets

Seattle Times columnist Sarah Stuteville talks with young Seattle-area poets who draw on complex international identities and themes in their work. Jackson School student Hamda Yusuf is profiled. Learn more at The Seattle Times.

All the world's a gallery

If you have ever needed a compelling reason to explore the UW campus, now is the time. Until Oct. 25, 12 works of art are on display in a project called Mad Campus. Learn more at The Daily.

Dying brain cells cue new brain cells to grow in songbird

Exploration of songbird brain cells may lead the way to treatments for lost human neurons because of aging, severe depression or Alzheimer's disease. Learn more at UW Today.

Carnegie Corp. awards $5-million to tie international research to policy

Five international-affairs programs, including the Jackson School, will split $5-million from the Carnegie Corporation of New York to finance projects aimed at bridging the gap between academic research and policy making. Learn more at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

'Celebrity and its Discontents': The 2014 Performing Arts Lecture Series

From Helen of Troy to the Kardashian sisters, celebrities have fascinated the public for centuries. Why? And what is the effect on those in the spotlight? Learn more at UW Today.

Integrated social sciences degree among several new programs

Through new degree programs starting this fall at the University of Washington, students will learn architecture from a liberal arts perspective, complete social sciences degrees online, become expert in the teaching of science, and much more. Learn more at UW Today.





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