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The natural sciences provide us with methods to investigate and understand ourselves, our world, and the universe, from the subatomic to the cosmic level. As we learn more about our world, we also come to understand our place within it as individuals and as a species. Discoveries in the sciences, often emerging from basic research, transform society as they address everything from disease to global warming.

 Natural Sciences in the News

Orphanage care linked to thinner brain tissue in regions related to ADHD
A paper published this month in Biological Psychiatry shows that children who spent their early years in overcrowded institutions with minimal human contact have thinner brain tissue in cortical areas that correspond to impulse control and attention. Learn more at UW Today.
Toddlers regulate behavior to avoid making adults angry
When kids say "the darnedest things," it's often in response to something they heard or saw. This sponge-like learning starts at birth, as infants begin to decipher the social world surrounding them long before they can speak. Learn more at UW Today.


Timeless Discoveries Preserving Wildlife

Timeless Discoveries is a documentary produced by Penny LeGate Productions, which highlights major breakthroughs, groundbreaking research, and practical applications revealed by the scientific community at the College of Arts & Sciences. Hear professors and students as they reveal their challenges and discoveries ranging from the Hepatitis B vaccine to advances in solar energy.

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Divisional Dean Werner Stuetzle
Werner Stuetzle
Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences

Contact: Ivy Mason
Assistant to the Dean


Event Photo
Boeing Colloquium Pre-Talk w/ Charbel Farhat
Lewis Hall 208
October 30, 2014

Event Photo
Avi Shporer(CalTech) - Science with orbital phase curves in the space age
Physics / Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Room 102
October 30, 2014

Event Photo
Mario Juric - Astronomy Talk (Topic TBD)
Physics / Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Room 102
November 6, 2014

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