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The natural sciences provide us with methods to investigate and understand ourselves, our world, and the universe, from the subatomic to the cosmic level. As we learn more about our world, we also come to understand our place within it as individuals and as a species. Discoveries in the sciences, often emerging from basic research, transform society as they address everything from disease to global warming.

 Natural Sciences in the News

Tiny plant fossils a window into Earth's landscape millions of years ago
An international team led by the University of Washington has discovered fossilized pieces of plants that could tell a detailed story of what the Earth looked like 50 million years ago. Learn more at UW Today.
'Mirage Earth' exoplanets may have burned away chances for life
New research led by an astronomy graduate student at UW indicates planets orbiting close to low mass stars may have lost their chance at hosting life because of intense heat during their formative years. Learn more at UW Today.


Timeless Discoveries Preserving Wildlife

Timeless Discoveries is a documentary produced by Penny LeGate Productions, which highlights major breakthroughs, groundbreaking research, and practical applications revealed by the scientific community at the College of Arts & Sciences. Hear professors and students as they reveal their challenges and discoveries ranging from the Hepatitis B vaccine to advances in solar energy.

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Divisional Dean Werner Stuetzle
Werner Stuetzle
Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences

Contact: Ivy Mason
Assistant to the Dean


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Ethics and Human Remains: A Discussion
Burke Museum
January 29, 2015

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