Integrated Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the College of the Environment, is offering a new Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Sciences, to begin Autumn Quarter 2013. This degree is designed to meet the needs of undergraduates planning careers in secondary science teaching, informal science education at museums or other science institutions, science writing, or science policy and technology law, as well as students whose intellectual interests incline them toward a rigorous program of study across all the sciences.

Photo from science cruise
Photo courtesy of School of Oceanography.

Such students require knowledge of a range of sciences, an in-depth understanding of what the process of science is, an appreciation of the ethical and social contexts in which science is done, and the ability to approach a scientific problem by drawing from and integrating knowledge from a variety of scientific fields. This contrasts with the more narrowly focused program typical for students majoring in a single discipline in preparation for graduate study and research in that field.

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- Undegraduate Advising

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