The humanities allow us to understand and communicate the range and diversity of human cultural achievement. As the world becomes more connected and interdependent, such understanding becomes imperative. Through their focus on language, literature, film, and the history of ideas, the humanities encourage students to reflect upon their own beliefs and values as they explore those of other peoples and periods.

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At UW, computer games studied as a serious cultural form
The Critical Gaming Project was founded by a group of UW graduate students in English, sociology and information science who were interested in thinking critically about games from humanistic and social perspectives. Learn more at Seattle Times.
An Ambassador for Language Learning
"Learning another language is discovering another avenue for self-expression," says Joy Maa (Spanish, Japanese, 2014), who is fluent in four languages. Learn more at Perspectives newsletter.


Simpson Center for the Humanities

Simpson Center

The Simpson Center is one of the largest and most comprehensive humanities centers in the United States. It offers UW scholars a spectrum of opportunities for intellectual community and grant support that advances crossdisciplinarity, collaboration, and research while creating local, national, and international networks.

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Interim Divisional Dean Michael Shapiro
Michael Shapiro
Divisional Dean for the Humanities

Contact: Barbara Mack
Assistant to the Dean


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Slavic Linguistics Society Conference
Walter Chapin Simpson Center for Humanities
Friday, September 19 - Sunday, September 21

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