Dean's Club

Bob Stacey at event

Dean's Club Donors Make Things Happen in the College

The UW College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Club is our way of recognizing the generosity of our alumni and friends who join in our dedication to education and creating new knowledge to build a better world.

When you become an A&S Dean’s Club member, you join a group of people who care deeply about the college and the success of its students, faculty and programs. Your involvement is welcomed and central to our success.

A&S Dean's Club donors are invited to return to the UW campus to enjoy artistic performances, attend lectures, and celebrate at exclusive receptions

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A donor is eligible for Dean’s Club status when their cumulative annual giving to the College of Arts & Sciences reaches $500, including pledges and matching gifts. Become a member today!

Exclusive Dean’s Club Events

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Works of Pablo Picasso

Fall 2010
The UW College of Arts & Sciences presents an exclusive tour of the extraordinary works of Pablo Picasso during the landmark exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. Listen to professors from all parts of the College as they share a variety of viewpoints and perspectives about the artist’s personal collection. Experience Picasso as never before and gain new insights into his genius!


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